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som dere sikkert har lagt merke til er oppgraderingen utsatt. Denne vil komme i løpet av mandag.

As you probably have noticed the upgrade is delayed. It is now scheduled for Monday.

Best regards,

Christian Skarby
MET Norway

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Emne: Updating api.met.no Wed 2015-MARCH-11

11. mars 2015 ca kl 14 CET vil api.met.no bli oppdatert. Mer info følger på engelsk.

We're about to release some upgrades to api.met.no on Wednesday at approximately 2015-03-11T13Z.

Changes in locationforecast:
- Two new parameters added (minTemperature and maxTemperature)
- Updated XSD, see attached weatherapi-0.3.xsd: new optional elements for minTemperature and maxTemperature parameters added.

Changes in textforecast:
- Adding new types: route, aerodome, iga, miskred_north, and miskred_south

Changes in textlocation:
- Updated XSD, see attached textforecasts-1.1.xsd: new optional attributes phase and exname added to the location element.

New products: airquality, and verticalprofile

Please notice:
As we are just adding parameters and not removing, I'm expecting existing parsers to accept the new XML. Because of this I have decided to keep the product versions. However if you validate our output against the XSDs the new elements and attributes will be unknown. Please see attached xml schema definition files for a heads up. Any xml that validates against the existing schemas should also validate against the new ones as the new additions are optional, so if you have these files hard coded in your application you could use the attached files already now instead of the old ones. If you load the XSD schemas dynamically from our site, then they will be available online after the upgrade together with the rest of the site. If your application doesn't validate the XML against the XSD you will probably not be affected.

If you encounter any regressions, file a bug to weatherapi-adm at met.no , please.

Best regards,

Christian Skarby
MET Norway

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