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Thu Dec 15 09:38:46 UTC 2016

Dear api-users,

First, the effort to provide a global forecast with hourly resolution has
been postponed. We apologize for this, but hope we can roll out this update
in the not too distant future.

Secondly, yesterday we introduced a new forecast model for the Arctic
region in locationforecast. The new model, Arome Arctic, has a higher
horizontal resolution (2.5 km) and will give significantly improved
forecasts for the region. Arome Arctic covers the northern part of the
Nordic seas.

At the same time the old forecast model Hirlam 8km was discontinued. This
model was used in locationforecast for large parts of northern Europe. For
these areas the forecast has been replaced with the ECMWF model.

Consequently, we will no longer be able to provide hourly resolution for
these areas. These changes took effect yesterday in /weatherapi/

However, /weatherapi/locationforecastlts/1.2/ will still use the old model
configuration for the next 3 months to give you time to adapt.

Best regards,
Håvard Futsæter
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