[api.met.no] Finished upgrade of api.met.no

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Mon Feb 26 16:52:30 UTC 2018

Dear API users,

as most of you probably have noticed, we upgraded api.met.no about a week
ago to the new version. After some initial performance problems we managed
to tune the caches so it is now handling traffic well.

Some users have reported problems accessing the API, mostly related to not
handling HTTPS and/or redirects. If you are getting "Failed to get data from
weather api. Reason: end tag name </body> must match start tag name <hr>
from line 5" this means you are trying to parse the HTML message as XML
instead of following the 301 redirect. We are also working on
recommendations for users using HTTPS via local proxies.

In order to ensure stability of our own services, we have also introduced
traffic rate limiting (and in some extreme cases, blocking) for some users
not abiding by our Terms of Service [1]. If you are receiving 429 status
codes it means you are being throttled, either due to a missing/generic
User-Agent header and/or excessive traffic (>20r/s).

Finally, we have noticed there is a lot of production traffic against
beta.api.met.no (which was only to be used for testing) as well as api.yr.no
(which has been deprecated for years). We would like to inform you that
these hostnames will be removed within a few months, so please update your
applications accordingly.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have problems or
general enquiries.

Geir Aalberg
API developer
MET Norway

[1] https://api.met.no/conditions_service.html

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