[api.met.no] Changes to Radar, Nowcast and other products

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Fri Jun 7 14:22:59 UTC 2019

Dear API users,

next week the radar scan frequency will change from every 7.5 min to 
every 5 mins, which affects several products. We will also take the 
opportunity to inform about some new products in beta and old products 
to be removed.


The nowcast product will be offline during the transition period. 
Expected start will be Wednesday June 12th, 08 UTC. If all goes well it 
should be online again after a couple of hours, but it could also take 
the whole day as there are many things that might go wrong. We apologize 
for the inconvenience.


 From Wednesday the radar images will be produced every 5 mins. Since 
the scan frequency is changed manually for each radar, this means that 
the switch from 7.5 mins to 5 min will appear at different times during 
the day for each different radar. Also, composite images of several 
radars will only be correct when the 5 min and 7.5 min intervals 
cooincide; this means that for every correct image there will be 2 
images in between where some radars will show "X" (i.e. down) until all 
radars are updated. The API will continue delivering images and 
available lists as before, only with more data.

New features

- new product "aviationforecast", see below
- new beta product "volcanicashforecast"
- sunrise now returns moon position and phase for each day
- routeforecast have several new routes
- upperwindweather now has a status function showing image update
   and transmission errors (if any):


Spotwind 1.0 has been replaced by 1.1 which delivers data for 24 hours 
instead of 6. Version 1.0 will expire 2019-09-02.

ExtremesWWC is expected to be removed some time in the near future, to 
be replaced with a similar feature in our Frost API for observations. We 
will come back with further news when this is available.

Textforecast 1.6 has been deprecated, and the land and sea forecasts 
have been re-implemented in 2.0 with a new, cleaner XML format which can 
now be validated. The aviation forecasts have been moved to a new 
product "aviationforecast" but remains otherwise unchanged. Since the 
migration is now complete we will terminate version 1.6 on 2019-09-02.


As always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Geir Aalberg
API developer

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