[api.met.no] Deprecation of legacy URL http://api.yr.no/weatherapi

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Fri Mar 4 07:30:52 CET 2016

Dear application developers and providers,

for several years we have provided access to MET Norway's weather API
service through both http://api.yr.no and http://api.met.no where
api.met.no has been the preferred domain name for this service. This
announcement does NOT affect the varsel.xml from http://www.yr.no. Yr
remains a cooperative effort between the Norwegian Broadcasting
Corporation (NRK) and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET

It is now time to start formal deprecation of http://api.yr.no -
please start using http://api.met.no (or https://api.met.no if you
prefer transport layer security - formal announcement will follow
later.) We have decided to follow the normal conventions for
permanently moved URLs and send http/301 status codes for access to
the http://api.yr.no namespace and redirect to the corresponding URL
under http://api.met.no. It is believed that this change will be
handled transparently by libraries and frameworks implementing the
http protocol for most applications, however if you application fails
due to this, contact us on weatherapi-adm at met.no and we will revert to
serving API requests directly on http://api.yr.no/weatherapi for a
limited period.

Phase out plan
  * Immediately - activation of permanent redirect using http/301 status code
  * If necessary - fall back to legacy behavior.
  * 2016-05-02 - final date to have converted application to handle
http/301 or switch to new URL (permanent redirect will be re-enabled
if temporarily measures have been implemented)
  * 2016-09-05 - final date to have switched to new URL
(http://api.yr.no will be turned off)

Please note that http://api.met.no/weatherapi provides the exact same
services, in fact it is served by the same backend endpoints. Further
varsel.xml from Yr is NOT affected by this announcement.

Best regards,

Christian Skarby
MET Norway

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